10 Steps How To Launch your Business Online
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10 Steps To Launch your Business Online

The key to gaining customers and make your business stand out against the competition is marketing, and putting your business ‘out there’.


Here are 10 of the most fantastic ways to get you making more money and building awareness of your business. Whether you are launching a brand new business or fine tuning your marketing of an older business. These are the HAVE TO DO steps to effectively market your business in 2015.



  1. Create a business plan: Determine your goals, target market, brand message and financial strategies
  2. Launch a website
  3. Submit your business to online directory listings; Yelp, Google+,Local and regional directories related to your business
  4. Start a blog – write engaging content similar to how you talk to customers in a relaxed and friendly vibe
  5. Develop a marketing strategy – Promote your business to increase leads, fine tune your target audience
  6. Set up Facebook Business Page – Invite friends from you personal page to Like your business
  7. Set up Twitter Business Page – Upload your entire email contact list and follow friends, family and relevant tweeters
  8. Set up (other) social media pages – All social media sites are unique. Find the best to fit your niche.
  9. Set up email marketing account – Deliver monthly newsletters to customers, friends and family.
  10. Organize & manage contact database – Create a dynamic email database to upload to email marketing and social sites. Email means money.

BONUS TIP: Complete each field and upload profile photos and header images. These fields will assist in building SEO so you are found on the pages of google… and we all want to be found on google.

Once you have done these 10 steps, the next dynamic step is the fun part: Engagement and Two way communication – You put the social in social media.