10 Tips to Create Social Impact for your Small Business
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10 Tips to Create Social Impact for Your Business

Digital marketing is not a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all type of marketing strategy. Each business is to be approached differently according to the industry and according to the customer. These 10 tips are fool proof quick, easy ways to get you started and build your business online – no matter what type of business you have.

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1. Design a smashingly clear and¬†distinctive¬†logo. It should evoke emotion, beliefs, desires, and provide a sensory experience of what your business is all about, defining it’s identity. (think of a company or brand you are loyal to.. now think of that company without it’s logo – what’s there? Would you recognize that brand without it’s logo?)

2. Ask yourself 3 very important questions: 

  • What 10 questions are frequently asked about your business by customers?
  • What 10 questions do customers ask specifically about your products?
  • What 10 things do you want your customers to know about your product, that differentiate you from the competition – that you wish customers would ask?

3.¬†Take 100’s of photos & videos of your products, customers, location, staff – make them funny, interesting, compelling, sad, hilarious, powerful, beautiful, impactful.

4.¬†Compile a list of 10 “Calls to Action” that you want your customer/clients/guests to do at your business. Ask them to “Like” your facebook page, “Follow” you on twitter, share your content, come in for a special, buy this stuff, etc…

5.¬†Build & Create content rich profiles with your business information on multiple social networks. Starting with the top 5: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+, then assess what other networks apply to your business (Yelp, Instagram, Urbanspoon, DeviantArt, Cafemom, Meetup, etc…)

6. Develop a contact management system. Obtain email lists from your customers; at the register, on your website, on social networks, in person, at check out, wherever appropriate Рmake this a daily priority. Upload these email lists monthly (or more often) to all Social Networks and Email Marketing data base and keep a back up on your computer not just on the sites.

7. Blog. Create a blog and write content about your business with frequent posts that ‘talk’ to your customers as if they are in the room with you..not ‘at’ them. Offer information, share your opinions and ask questions… try hard not to use this as a selling tool. Link the blog to your website and post to social networks.

8.¬†Create an email marketing system. There are plenty of options from free to monthly cost effective solutions. (Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, Aweber, Mad Mimi, plus many others..)¬†¬†Broadcast your messages effectively and clearly. Keep ’em short and without a lot of images. Design one or two templates that you can re-use. Do not add images or content that will distract or make it heavy to download or view on all devices. Set up an email delivery schedule you can achieve.

9. ¬†Update your website. I know you paid “a fortune” three years a go for that website… but just like the everything in this day and age, technology has changed and probably so have your specials, offerings and products. Update your website with relevant up to the minute content and be sure to include social networks and email capture.

10.¬†Use the answers and content from tips 1 -5 above to post, tweet, pin, and listen on all social networks. Send email marketing messages monthly (or more), Update your website consistently. Engage with customers personally and effectively online – don’t ‘sell’ to them. Repeat.