3 Things To Do To Increase Facebook Reach, Today
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3 Things To Do To Increase Facebook Reach, Today

Facebook reach has dropped.. considerably. Facebook definitely wants you to pay-to-play and I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, because facebook advertising is potentially a very successful method of gaining revenue and maintaining a strong brand presence online. What I am saying is that the following tips are fool proof, essentially free, ways guaranteed to improve your facebook reach and gain you more revenue. Plus, I’m telling you what you should not do – so now you have no excuses.JenLew_FacebookReach

1. Be personal
Let your personality shine, I like to say “let your freak flag fly”. It is necessary to entertain your fans and share stories and create engaging content that you would ordinarily share in person to your friends or customers if they were standing in front of you.

Don’t: Just post about you and information about your business.
Don’t: Ignore your fans and followers – Like their posts and respond to their comments.
Don’t: Only go on facebook when you have something to post.

2. Use Facebook to push traffic to other platforms.
Each social network is a unique and fantastic way to target your niche customer because not all sites function the same. If you find that you enjoy using another social network, then use Facebook to push traffic to other platforms. You do not need to have a great presence on every social network – you need to pick 1 or as many as you can truly handle and then make your presence known via engaging and posting content regularly on just that one site. But, you do need to create profiles on as many social sites as you can, with photos and information about your business so someone who doesn’t use Facebook, will be able to find you on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Yelp, Google+ or someplace else on the web.

Don’t: Rely on just Facebook
Don’t: Post sporadically and then never check the site again
Don’t: Follow and Like every single person, place or thing humanly imaginable and think that will gain you more followers
Don’t: Ignore your analytics and insights
Don’t: Forget to upload your email list and share your page from your personal friend page

3. Grow an email list
Email addresses are way more valuable than a Like on Facebook. Emails are the strategic way to reach your community outside of Facebook. You are in control of an email address, you decide when to reach out to them and what you want to say directly to that contact. Create engaging, fun and smart ways to encourage customers to opt-in to your email list.

Don’t: Rely on staff to ask for emails when customers check out.
Don’t: Leave a sign in book on the desk or counter and never look at it again
Don’t: Forget to add an email sign up to your website and facebook

The way I see it is… the only thing we can do as business owners is to adapt as much as possible to the inevitable changes ahead.

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