social media rules and etiquette
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40 Tips for Social Media Etiquette

In real life you should – Be kind, Be Authentic, Be Confident and Be You. With social media it is no different. bekind

40 Tips for Social Media Courtesy, Manners and Etiquette

  1. Ask to Tag someone – BEFORE you tag them
  2. Don’t claim another persons work as your own tag ’em, write their name it – Provide Links to the original post
  3. Complete your online profiles – explain who you are, use photos of yourself or your business.
  4. Give credit where credit is due – use tags, promote your friends – not doing this is the equivalent of being that person who repeats everything someone else says in real life.
  5. Like a post on someone else’s Facebook post before you share it
  6. If a conversation is getting long, personal or undecipherable – take it somewhere private.
  7. Don’t talk about others in a way you wouldn’t want others to talk about you. Bosses, recruiters, customers, friends, families and enemy’s – they’ll find out what you said.
  8. Use retweet (RT) when sharing a Tweet
  9. If someone sends a friend request, respond with grace and kindness. Ask how you know the person or why they want to be friends.
  10. Before you hit submit, send, share – PROOF READ
  11. If you are not a sports or news commentator or a financial analyst – don’t act like it.
  12. Don’t use social media after you’ve been drinking
  13. Repin a pinterest pin – don’t just pin it yourself
  14. Tag your friends when you use their photo on facebook, especially if it’s a profile or cover photo.
  15. Don’t assume anyone wants to play the game you are addicted to – don’t send a request. If they also play…they’ll find you.
  16. Social media is not your soap box – when you have a strong opinion and you feel obsessed about sharing it for months…remember it’s the equivalent to standing on a street corner with a bull horn. You look kind of nuts.
  17. Do you really think anyone cares about your complaints, whine’s, bitching or moaning
  18. Pace yourself – Monopolizing the news feed with a bombardment of posts isn’t enjoyed by anyone.
  19. Autopilot – do you time your tweets or posts? automated social media is great – but be conscious of the world around you.
  20. Don’t be vague – tell your story. What’s more annoying than seeing a post that’s just “OMG that happened” … what the what? If you did that to someone in real life they’d look at you with their hands up and say “uh…WTF happened”.
  21. Don’t offer advice without a link to where you found it. Nobody likes a know it all and you could be liable.
  22. 40,000 pictures of you, your baby, your dog or your lunch is just plain boring.
  23. Treat each social network individually – if you are friends with the same person on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram etc… who really needs to see the same post at the same time across all channels. It’s like hearing the same story forty times at a dinner party.
  25. Be careful when you make the first move – maybe you shouldn’t friend request your boss? Discuss it in person first.
  26. Use a direct message, email or text for private and personal matters.
  27. Posting pics of you or friends naked is rude, offensive and just plain stupid.
  28. If you could be arrested for it – don’t mention it online.
  29. Profanity – it’s offensive in public why would you use it in print
  30. Listen more – post less.
  31. Don’t be a bully – don’t call someone out on their behavior, looks, actions or anything.
  32. Don’t just talk about your sale, promotion or your business constantly – be interesting and provide conversational value.
  33. Interact with your competitors – be friendly and share information- don’t compete online.
  34. Don’t over use the same posts, tweets or images just because it worked the first time or wasn’t ‘heard’ doesn’t mean you should keep repeating yourself.
  35. Be transparent, be honest, be clear
  36. Participate don’t just lurk – everyone knows who you are – and they won’t trust you.  If in real life you mention you saw it online but you didn’t Like, comment, retweet, or share – it’s the equivalent of being a peeping tom.
  37. Exclamation points are meant to indicate strong feelings or high volume at the end of a sentence. Multiple exclamation points – multiple times is just exhausting and childish.
  38. Respond to comments, posts, and likes.  If someone posts on your page or asks a question – respond.
  39. Put your phone down, look up and participate in real life.