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How will you OWN your audience in 2016?!

That’s the ? you know, owning your followers by making them subscribers. The greatest challenge is the average small business biggest mistake. You post your little heart out, you send email newsletters and update your blog – But are they engaged? Are they subscribed? Do they look forward to hearing from your business? Do the ‘get’ what you are selling?

These are the most important attributes of your social media content.

  • Email
    Still the most important of all subscribers. You have the most control because you can deliver the exact message you want need to your followers and direct them to where they need to be.
  • Print subscribers
    The only difference today from years ago regarding Print Subscriptions is cost. The birth of social media made print subscriptions and mailing costs cost prohibitive.
  • Twitter followers: You have full control over what you send to followers, but messages have an 8-second life span, so it may be challenging to reach audience regularly.
  • Facebook fans: Facebook continually modifies its algorithm, which is out of your control. Fans may or may not see your content depending on this algorithm, although quality, helpful, and interesting content has the best chance of breaking through. Promotional content almost always is shut down by Facebook.
  • LinkedIn connections: You have full control over what you send to followers and connections, but the channel is congested like other social platforms, so it may be challenging to break through with a consistent message.
  • Medium/Tumblr/Instagram/Pinterest subscribers: You have full control over delivery of content. Users will see your content if they choose to. No ultimate ownership over platform.
  • YouTube subscribers: You have some control over content, but YouTube can decide to hold some of your content back if subscribers aren’t engaging with your content (this is called “subscriber burn”).
  • iTunes subscribers: You have full control over the delivery of audio content, but iTunes doesn’t give you access to who subscribes to your content.