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Case Studies

Launching the Love Lane Kitchen brand through social media has been the responsibility of Jen Lew since it’s 2008 before Facebook even had business pages. We provide social media services to help the client distribute their message to multiple platforms including Email Management,Twitter and Instagram.

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With a focus on organic growth, Love Lane Kitchen currently boasts over 4,000 followers without the use of strategic hashtags. Cultivating a loyal and committed following on Instagram is paramount to Love Lane’s image and continured success.

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Brunetti Pizza To Go Menu

In 2014, Love Lane Kitchen in collaboration with Jen Lew rebranded all of the business collaterol and printed imagery. Creating a clean, uncluttered menu and fun aesthetic befitting of the dining experience.

Love Lane Kitchen Logo Website

When Love Lane Kitchen decided that they needed a new responsive website. We provided a completely customized WordPress site that can be updated regularly. The site is fully responsive on multiple devices and search engine optimized.

Built and launched a new responsive site on time and on budget.

Developed and “End-to-End” Database Marketing and Creative Solutions

Pizzetteria Brunetti West Village

From Social Media, Events and Web Design the Pizzetteria Brunetti brand was launched by Jen Lew and her team at North Fork Marketing and Design. Managing the digital marketing and PR of a small 200 sq ft. space on the East End of Long Island to the growth of a 60 seat restaurant in Manhattan’s West Village.

Through an impactful social media presence Pizzetteria Brunetti burst onto the Neapolitan pizza scene during the height of the pizza revolution. Being named The best pizza on Long Island by Newsday is only the beginning of the brand’s success.

PIzzetteria Brunetti expanded in 2013 with the opening of a West Village location in New York City. Creating a unique and competitive brand design.


Margherita pizzettes are a popular choice at Pizzetteria Brunetti in Westhampton Beach. (July 12, 2010)

When launching the Pizzetteria Brunetti brand in 2009 the father and son partners in collaboration with Jen Lew focused on a strategic social media marketing campaign to build recognition on the east end of Long Island.