5 of the Best tips to improve Mac Speed and Cleaning your computer
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8 Best tips to Speed Up Your Mac

I need to clean up and my computer and clean my makeup brushes.Speed Up Your Mac
I don’t get paid by using my make up brushes, so first I cleaned my computer and did what I could the help make it run faster. Then I used a bit of Vinegar to make the screen and keyboard sparkle on the outside.




First Back Yo Shit up!
No really, I’m not talking about “well I bought a back up drive and don’t know where it is”… I mean it! Back up your entire computer! all of it. Then get in there and follow these steps.
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  • Don’t ignore the updates! New iOS applications are fantastic when it comes to refreshing your computer. New software is the key to maintaining a healthy mac by compressing data, improving memory capacity and if you are on a laptop the latest iOS will improve battery life.
  • Check what auto starts when you boot up. Usually if your computer takes a long time to boot it’s because there are applications that auto start because many applications by default open automatically at startup.,download Go to System Preferences>Users>Groups: click on the Login Items tab to see a list of the apps that open when you boot your Mac. Uncheck the apps you don’t need at startup.Users-&-Groups-Mac
    • Remove Apps you don’t use.
      If you are like me… you test every god damn app you read about in Mashable. To uninstall those apps from the applications folder just drag the file to the trash. This should do it. If you download Apps with a lot of files then use AppZapper to uninstall.
    • Delete unnecessary crap. 
      Simple I know.. but it’s like those t-shirts from the 80’s you keep them anyway. Just back everything up and then delete stuff you don’t need all the time – like those photos of you in 3rd grade or mp3’s of the Cure. Your hard drive holds all of your photos in iPhoto and music in iTunes and everything else – it’s pretty common to go through and delete items from your downloads folder and photos you don’t want – but if you are a file horder that shit can weigh your computer down in a major way. I can’t stress enough the use of a back up drive. I keep an external drive on my desk that holds old client folders and huge graphic images I might need. It’s the smartest way to always keep your stuff safe and not weigh down your computer. Back it up – then delete it off your main computer. Super Easy, Super Safe.
    • Clean your desktop.
      I am the worst. Absolutely the worst at this and then by the end of the week… i’m wondering why my dang computer is so slow.
      It’s because everything lands on my desktop – I don’t use the downloads folder in my preferences everything goes to the desktop. It’s so much easier to manage except that it can be a horrendous mess causing my computer to figuratively sigh with tiredness. Put your stuff away.
    • Add more memory = RAM (Random Access Memory)
      For just a few hundred dollars or less you can improve your Mac speed exponentially. I installed more memory into my iMac by myself, saving a few hundred bucks on labor alone. To purchase the RAM ask a friendly mac genius for tips or find out your mac’s model and year by going to About this Mac by clicking the apple in the left corner of your screen and then visit crucial, they couldn’t be more helpful and the RAM arrived within a few days. I popped it in and this sucker has been fired up pretty well ever since.
    • Remove alternate Language Files.
      Apple ships each Mac with a variety of language files, which take up space. Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 3.48.36 PMUnless you are a polyglot, you’ll never use these files. Or miss them when they’re gone. Install Monolingual, a free utility that removes unneeded languages. Just click the languages you want to remove and click the Remove button. The scan takes longer than you’d expect; it ran for around 30 minutes on my machine, but ended up saving me 2.4GB of space