6 Exceptional Ways to Rock at Social Media - Marketing
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6 Exceptional Ways to Rock at Social Media

First, The most important tip is… you are not alone. Every small business owner is over worked, struggling to do 900 things on a to-do list thatrockatsocialmedia has 3,000 things on it. When you are ready to tick the “I must do some Social Media” off on your to-do list or at least “focus on promoting your business online via facebook or any other social network” – just follow these quick and easy steps.

6 Exceptional steps to Rock at Social Media

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  • Create profiles on ALL of the top Social Networks – Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (Places), Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin
  • Complete each profile with ALL the information your potential customer might need, address, phone, hours, offerings, photos, testimonials
  • Now Choose just One – one… just one social network and focus on it! Don’t overwhelm yourself with feeling like you need to post everywhere – make your life simple and just focus your attention on the one network you feel most comfortable. Then over time expand your reach – when you can or when you can hire someone to help you.
  • Post often… often means 1 – 3 times per day…not just when the mood strikes you. Choose times of the day that work for you – then see how those times affect your engagement.
  • Create a calendar or strategy. Decide on what you would like to post – BEFORE you post. Create an outline of events you have planned for your business ahead of time. The great thing is ..there are always holidays, specials or sale items or introduced a new product or service. Time your posts to focus on those items. If your business is a service industry and not much changes – think of posts that deal with your service such as; the weather or new tools that are available, funny incidents that happen, highlight employees, the town, environment. There are a number of factors that are related to your business that might not necessarily be just “hey 2 for 1 special tonight”. Think outside the box.. but not too far that your fans and followers won’t get it. Post about your entire business environment not just about selling.
  • Now that you are focused on your engaging content – be sure to includes photos with written copy along with the photo. Tag and link to friends and other businesses, use instagram, vine or youtube to share content from your other networks. Retweet, Pin or share posts from others on facebook, pinterest and twitter. Always remember to LISTEN to your customers.. read their posts and see what they are talking about — you just might find some interesting content for you to share or develop new content your audience will like.


Just remain consistent and don’t get overwhelmed by it..  just do it. Your social media efforts will most likely increase your business sales by a significant percentage if you stick to it. Keep trying, keep coming back to this blog and checking facebook for social media new, tips and tricks.

As always feel free to share these tips with your friends. If you have more suggestions or need advice just post a comment below.