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Hi I’m Jen,

A skilled entrepreneur passionate about digital branding, business development, online marketing, and social media. I am constantly reading, learning and exploring new products to assist in growing, launching, building your smaill business.

I was born and raised on Long Island with a quick wit, broad sense of humor and a shrewd mind.   

Every career move has led me to social media and marketing. Starting as a budding entrepreneur at 15, I made and sold jewelry to my hairstylist who then displayed my products at her station in a salon, we both made a bit of extra cash. This drove me to become a jewelery designer and attend college at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

After a short time I realized the life of a jewelry designer was not for me. I lived in manhattan, traveled and expanded my education at various colleges, waited tables, bartended and began working as a production assistant in advertising and television.

Passion grew for the entertainment business, so I went on to achieve a successful feature film career working for top level executives at production companies in Los Angeles & New York on big huge budget features like The Patriot, Saving Private Ryan, The Sweetest Thing, and Godzilla.

After many years, while still working on movie sets, the tragedy of 9/11 inspired me to take a small craft idea, into a six figure gift ware company. With a small staff of friends and reliable crafters we created handmade products (in my 1 bedroom apartment) that shipped to over 3,000 stores and web customers both Internationally and Domestic. Without ever hiring a PR company or marketing team, Jen Lew Designs became a consistant brand mentioned in national magazines; Lucky, Elle, Domino, InStyle and even appeared on the Oprah show. I single handedly generated a loyal retail and wholesale customer base through my own grassroots networking, email marketing and PR.

from these efforts and with the growth of social media marketing and the internet, I became passionately in love with developing businesses of all types.

My first project was NYS ARTS a non profit challenged with increased budget cuts in the state of New York. I took that organizations opt-in mailing list from 8,000 to 24,000 in one year. Through conferences, events, webinars, social media engagement, e-marketing and membership initiatives I succeed in building the organizations awareness and success until it was acquired by a much larger organization.

Since that challenge my client base has grown. My varied skills, experience and expertise have found their home in a variety of businesses. From online education to restaurants, stores, and electricians. View my client list or check out recommendations.

I look forward to new relationships and creating strategies that build your business and achieve your goals!