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Android vs. iPhone

Android Tablet vs. iPad I’m asked fairly often by clients which should they chose. I always have the same answer “get an iPad” but I never experienced another tablet for a significant amount of time so my opinion was based on a few website and my apple bias.

In 2008, I traded in my BlackBerry for my first iPhone. I’ve been a loyal Apple user personally since my first PowerBook in 1997 but for business, every company had Dell products. I’m insanely lucky to have been blessed with cell phones paid by my employers since 1994 with a Motorolla Flip Phone, then a Motorollaseries of Nextel phones that were equipped with the amazing walky-talky technology — ooooh aaah.

There is no discrepancy, I am an iPhone loving iOS having Apple devotee, but I always wondered what an Android was like. From the kickstand in 2009 to the larger screens that fold over the edge the geek in me always wondered what the device was like and how it worked. It seems Samsung has always come out with little differentiators to make the Androids seem a bit interesting. Clients always ask me questions on how to do things with their Androids and I¬†would respond “I don’t know I have an iPhone – saying smugly¬†to myself ¬†you idiot upgrade your life. But I’ve been curious.

Somehow, at&t knew of my intrigue and offered me a free¬†LG G Pad 7.0 LTE – I say it was free but in actuality I think I pay $10 a month for this thing for the rest of my life – but that’s beside¬†the point.

LG G Pad 7.0 LTEIf this is my one and only Android device ever… I’ll be a happy girl. My test of an Android Tablet vs. iPad has ended. The interest has dwindled – this is by far the slower¬†than any iPhone or iPad I’ve owned. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†

Here’s the thing. Apple is faster. Period. Forget the bells and whistles the commercials advertise about half screen, better resolution or any low end draw. From my little test of using this specific product – my resounding conclusion is… iOS is way faster! Apple Apps load faster, Mail loads faster, Device opens and responds faster. Comparing my iPad to this LG thing is like using a hand held battery operated fan against one of those new fangled Dyson fans (Apple = Dyson).

From the early 90’s I’ve known that Apple was my chosen platform, years working with PC’s gave me the ambidextrous ability to work successfully on both platforms. I even owned a mammoth HP laptop running CS3 for about a year. When I switched back to a mac book I described it as spending a year not realizing that my hand was tied behind my back. This is how I feel about the Android Tablet vs. iPad and my iPad is 2nd generation and about 4 years old while the LG is brand new.

There you have it. The bottom line is Apple is better. Questions resolved – you don’t need to pay attention to all the gibberish like dimensions, processor speed or yada yada.¬†

If you want real backup stats on this check out this article in PC Mag on The Best Tablets in 2015 or this very cool article in How Stuff Works about the history of tablets.

LG G Pad 7.0 LTE

Apple iPad 2nd Generation