Brilliant Apps for Small Business
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Brilliant Apps for Small Business

You are busy, on the run and juggling a hundred things for your small business. These small business apps will help you create, function and manage your time efficiently.bizappsftrd
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  • Managing multiple social networks
    One fantastic app that manages all of your social networks in one spot so you don’t have to keep multiple browsers open or be signing in/out of multiple pages. Hootsuite is the standard to manage your business presence in social media.
  • Creating Social Graphics
    Insta apps are great, there are three that I suggest you download immediately. InstaWeather, InstaFood and InstaPlace. If you don’t have access to photoshop or you can’t afford a graphic designer to create engaging graphics for your business – these iOS apps will keep you looking sharp and unique in conjunction with your original photos. Beautiful Mess is an app full of icons, great fonts and borders for your photos.
  • Accounting
    InDinero is your small business accounting department. If you are a one-man-band juggling invoices, payments and managing your accounts this website may help. The app syncs you bank account and credit card to keep track of your cash flow. It’s like Mint (another app I love) but geared toward small business.
  • Networking
    If you are like me, you forget your business cards almost every where you go. Bump is the best solution. But.. it’s not just for business cards and photos it can also go Bump yourself and transfer files, docs, photos to your (a) computer.
  • Filing Sharing
    If consistently emailing large files or multiple photos or bulking up your inbox has got you down. Use Dropbox! It’s easy to use, performs a multitude of time saving functions and keeps a back up of your most important data on hand for you and your staff or team.
  • Assistance
    Fancyhands are assistants for everyone. Just email your request and a fancy hand on-hand will perform the necessary tasks. If you don’t have time to do a competitive analysis about all the window washers in a new area you are planning to take over, make a dentist appointment or find the best hot dog stand in your neighborhood fancy hands will help.
  • Talent
    It’s time to freshen up your marketing materials, create a new brochure, learn french or hire someone to spell your name in dominos then someone on fiverr will do it. There are hundreds of options and prices start at just five bucks.
  • Collaboration
    It’s hard to get your team, clients, staff or vendors all on the same page — no less all in the same room for a meeting. Apps like TeamworkPM, Basecamp, Producteev all help with time management and efficient tracking on projects. Personally, I use Producteev and love it. I’ve just begun working with TeamworkPM – which was created by the coders at Basecamp and I’m liking it. Depending on your needs there are tons of sites like these to choose from. There are some out there that are great for your iPhone or just you personally to keep track of your to-do list. [/list]

More lists and apps for your small business are in the works – next up are my 10 favorite Social Media apps to save you time.

As always feel free to share these tips with your friends. If you have more suggestions or need advice just post a comment below.