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Busy is a choice.

I’m busy. This is what I’ve been saying for most of my life. I have no real clue as to how busy I can truly be but I think I say this phrase more than any other. Fuck you is also common, but that’s not what this story is about.

It’s a hereditary trait this turn of phrase “I’m busy”. For all of my life I’ve heard my mother and sisters say it all the time. We’re a very busy group of people. Yet none of us have cured cancer, started a revolution or performed surgery …but yet we’re busy.

I am noticing lately that I’ve been less busy. I don’t have kids going off to college or a husband tinkering away in the garage ..but as I’ve grown older I’ve noticed that my time is more …mine. I think there’s still a lot to do and it just might not be all about work. I love to write, I’m horrible at grammar, terrible at spelling (you might have noticed) but I love words.

It’s time to get busy writing. I’m making a choice to be busy doing this and writing on this new fangled blog thing.