Chris Brogan says the Most Successful Small Businesses Do THIS
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Chris Brogan says the Most Successful Small Businesses Do THIS

Succeeding in business is difficult. Many people work 9-to-5 jobs for 30 years — praying only for the day they can retire. And they complain the whole time on Facebook about how much they hate their jobs. Yuck! I can’t fathom that.

What does it take to REALLY succeed as an entrepreneur and own a small business?

Chris Brogan is the publisher of OWNER magazine. He wrote “The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth” and “The Impact Equation“. And during a recent interview with MSNBC, Chris dropped some serious knowledge about staying weird & making your customers feel like they belong to your tribe.

One of Brogan’s best small business tips is that you’ll attract opportunities by standing out & being different. Follow outgoing examples from free-spirited entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, he says.

Here are 4 other juicy nuggets from this stellar interview:

1.  Business is About Belonging

People want to be part of a tribe or community.

2. Share the Passion Not Just the Product

Passion drives folks to do what they love. How can you leverage that passion for your business?

3. Make Your Buyer the Hero

Discuss how your product or service makes your customers heroes — not too promotional, though. Always make it about them.

4. Tell Their Story, Not Yours

Instead of:

Our product helped Johnny make $100k this year.

Try something like:

Johnny’s work has changed the lives of thousands of people.


  • People rally behind companies they believe are important —  companies that make them feel important as fans. That’s why you stress benefits over features when building a website or sales page.
  • Apple created amazing products, but when it came to marketing — the focus was culture & the movement.

–> This post originally appeared in Post Planner