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Do you have a curated Instagram Feed?

I have never been one for a highly stylized and curated Instagram Feed, especially for businesses.


Authenticity is what sparks interest in your small business. Seeing the day-to-day, experiencing the environment or understanding your product or service – feeling a connection is what social media is all about.


After the past few years of looking at perfectly filtered avocado toasts, highly styled selfies with that perfect filter and professional photography it seems the rest of the world is feeling fatigued.  According to experts at Instagram, they recently said at a conference that while there is no hard data to prove this change in still photography – it is proven by the success of Instagram Stories and users enthusiasm over the app as a whole that most people want to view

The highly curated feed has lost its effectiveness, Chen explained, simply because it has become the standard, stripping it of distinctiveness.


From my own data research with various clients including Love Lane Kitchen a restaurant I’ve had the pleasure of working with for almost 10 years it has been successful for me to share photos that I’ve taken with an iPhone in my preferred “low lite impulsive grab” without filters and Instagram stories that give a quick glimpse into a moment of time at the restaurant are follower favorites.

Plus, I have an opinion… and consistently ask myself… doesn’t this person look like a total fraud.  I mean really does every restaurant have to perfectly arrange every image as if it’s a photo shoot in Vogue – no. I want to see people enjoying themselves and hearing the pop of a wine bottle in the background without fake people having a fake time.


Am I alone here… what do you think?