facebook show in news feed
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Your facebook news feed got you frustrated?

There’s a lot of blogger chatter that Facebook pages are slipping away in your news feed. People say that facebook wants brands to buy promoted posts or ads, so page posts aren’t showing up in friends news feeds.

Local businesses rely on you to see their content. 

Here’s what you can do to add businesses and brands that you want to hear from, to your news feed.

It’s very simple: Click on the Like icon on the right of the business page. Choose Get NotificationsShow in News Feed and/or Add to Interest Lists.

If a business, brand or friend has a Friend page and not a business page… be sure to Subscribe and their posts will always find their way to your news feed.

Remember, you have control over what you see in the facebook news feed. If you see a great post and want to see more like it, just click, Like, comment, or share. See something stupid or annoying? Hit the drop-down arrow next to it and hide the update or report it as spam.

These tips teach Facebook what you like, and will make your news feed live up to its potential as a source for what you truly care about.

For more facebook and social media tips.. check out my facebook page and click show in news feed!

If you have any thoughts on this or have seen a difference in your news feed lately I’d love to hear your comments.