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EMAIL MARKETING: Your Business Needs A Newsletter!

I must admit, it baffles me why business owners don’t bother sending out email newsletters or promotions. This blog post is for you!! If you are suspect about why you need to start gathering emails from customers and sending information to your customers then read on!


Email newsletters are the leading method of keeping in touch with your customers. Social media is great and should be part of your marketing mix, but because of changes in algorithms and the ways that social platforms choose to show your post, relying on social media is a guarantee that your customers will see your information.

Email is an inexpensive form to get your message to those most loyal. The hard part is getting people to join your list. Creating an email and hitting “Send” is far less expensive.

Email is the perfect way to reach customers on their smartphones. Think local.
Your email messages are delivered and accessible easily on a cell phone and give your customer the ability to show special coupons and promotions at your business.

If you build it, they will sign up. It’s a choice for customers to receive promotional content via email. If they have signed up, they want to hear from you!

Your email newsletter is a great method of building trust between you and your customers. When a customer decides that they have chosen to hear from you, it proves that your emails are working and putting your business in front of your ideal customers.

An email newsletter is a gentle reminder that customers sometimes need to hear about your business to remember that you exist and can be a catalyst for traffic to your website, your store and of course, can spark a boost in sales


If your customer chose to be on your mailing list, you are not bothering them. They like your business and want to hear from you!

If your emails are filled with quality information, promotions and information that they need to know, or information about a new product, offer or service, then you are definitely not bothering them. That is precisely why they gave you their email address in the first place.


The dreaded unsubscribe is inevitable. It is perfectly OK for people to unsubscribe from your list. Do not take it personally, although when your list is small, it is hard not to, right?

When someone unsubscribes it means the fit just isn’t there, maybe they are getting a lot of emails and are cutting back on email noise, have another email address on your list or they are committed to your social media posts. You may never know why a person has unsubscribed but that should never stop you from encouraging more people to sign up or prevent you from sending quality emails.

If they unsubscribe it means that they were not your ideal customer. Don’t feel bad, focus on those individuals that are your true fans.

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