Facebook Advertising works.
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Facebook Advertising works.

Mari Smith is a trusted, experienced high volume expert on all things Facebook so I don’t discount her posts when I see them.

Mari takes a contradictory stance and stands on her soapbox to defend the much hyped video by Derek Muller that I posted earlier in the week. Derek’s pov is that Facebook is not doing it’s job with facebook advertising by contributing to illegitimate likes to business pages and skewing results.

In Mari’s view; user error is the cause to most of a facebook business pages issues with advertising. She says “Facebook ads are the MOST targeted traffic your advertising dollars can buy” there is no disputing that.. and she adds “Bottom line, now that organic reach has plummeted for the majority of Facebook Pages, it simply has to be part of your social media marketing strategy to include even a nominal budget for Facebook ads. BUT, there is an art and a science to getting it right. Unless you have money to throw away (!), it’s crucial that you take time to properly learn the ins and outs of Facebook’s Power Editor.”

Now, is she writing this on behalf of facebook as a sponsored supporter or writing because she believes with all of her heart that Facebook is no doubt legitimately doing good with advertising – this I’m not sure of. But, what I am sure of is that I agree with both of them.

Then there’s Jon Loomer… he’s what I consider the king of Facebook Advertising it’s his niche. His take is… “the problem is that Facebook is going to target your ad at people most likely to perform your desired action. In some cases, that could be at people who have liked thousands of pages.” But, the most important detail Jon points out is that the results of the test in the Derek Muller video is from 2012. While Jon disagrees with a lot of the results found by Muller… he agrees with the fact that Likes by paid “likers” or click farms can skew the deal… but he knows from experience that the results of facebook success are dependant on your expertise with Facebook Advertising.

If you still use Facebook ads as if it’s 2012, you deserve the results you get. 

The bottom line is this… Experience with Facebook Advertising is necessary. Practice makes perfect and trial and error are definitely in your favor with Facebook Advertising. You need to take the time to use Power Editor or higher an expert.