3 ways to customize your facebook news feed and friends
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3 ways to see who you want to see on facebook!

Here are 3 tips to adjust your¬†facebook¬†settings¬†so you see who and what you want to see.¬†…and I betcha you didn’t even know you could.

1. Change your news feed settings to Most Recent click the little arrow just above the first post in your news feed > choose Most Recent

2. ¬†Go to http://www.facebook.com/friends/organize¬†This facebook tool will walk you through how to adjust your friends to the specific settings you want (Acquaintances, Close Friends etc…)

3.  Customize who, what and how much you see from Friends.
Click the arrow on a friends post in the news feed. Chose Hide (you can change it back) You will then get the option to¬†change what updates you get from …choose the settings you want and then don’t forget to click unhide. This is an¬†exceptionally¬†good tool to use for that person who is¬†addicted¬†to games.

Do you find these tips and tricks useful, and you want to show a bit o’ love, then feel free to click the cup and¬†buy a girl a cup of coffee as a thanks.

If you you have questions post ’em in the comments here, or on my facebook business page, I’ll be happy to help!