Facebook Business Page Like a Pro
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10 Tips and How To’s: Create a Facebook Business Page Like a Pro

jl_facebookhowtoThe following 10 Tips and How To’s are exactly what you need to know to build an effective facebook page like a pro!jl_facebookhowto

By now you realize that just having a page isn’t enough. You need to engage and offer value to your customers, fans and followers. Your Facebook business page is like a huge billboard except that it’s free. Your customers are there, their friends are there. And you can say a heck of a lot more on a Facebook page than you can on a billboard.

  1. Pick a name
    Picking a name seems like a simple task, but you need to make sure that you pick a name that is consistent with what your customers know you by – so that they’ll find you when running a search. Use your businesses full name ..but don’t fill the space with anything generic like Pancake Palace-the best pancakes around. Just keep it simple and clear Pancake Palace.
    Keep in mind that if you have multiple locations or plan to have more locations or divisions in the future, you’ll want to keep that name consistent — so choose wisely. Tip: Keep that name within 25 characters. Not only is it simply good practice to keep it short, but it’s vital for effective marketing and advertising.
  2. Create a vanity URL
    The best way to easily promote your facebook page, is by placing your vanity URL into emails, fliers, website etc..
    My vanity URL is facebook.com/jenlewmarketing.
    Read my post about building a Linkedin page, I explain in more detail why this is necessary. In short facebook user names present a better opportunity for you to promote your page clearly and effectively to obtain more Likes.
    How to claim yours: Edit > Update Info > UserName
    (as of writing this, facebook allows a name to be changed once and you must have over 25 Likes to claim a vanity URL)
  3. Update your About section
    The most effective way to drive traffic, maintain awareness and build customer loyalty is to keep your customers informed. Describe your company in detail, include your website, hours, location, reviews and any and all information pertaining to your business. The more facts and information the better. However, I do not suggest fluffing your page with a ton of quotes or political opinions ….leave that stuff for your personal page.
    Completing your about section will optimize your page for Search Engines (SEO). Facebook pages are indexed by Google! You need to load the About section with keywords, just as you should do on your website.
    How to update your About section: (Admin Panel > Edit Page > Update Info), update the Description, Mission, Awards and Products, filling it with relevant keywords.
    Now… Google will be able to find you… for free! There that’s your first lesson in SEO.
  4. Cover Photo & Profile Photo
    Utilizing these will assist in building a dynamic Page. Do not over look the importance of your brands image and logo as your cover/profile photo. Facebook timeline offers a huge landscape to tell the story of your business. There are two important elements Cover Photo & Profile Photo.
    Cover photo dimensions are 851 x 315 pixels, profile photos 180×180 px. Facebook says you are not allowed to “promote” your business in the Cover Photo area but I’ve always been one to do things until I’m scolded for it… and this is an area to follow my lead on being that kindof rebel. If you want to simply upload a photo as your cover image — You can adjust a photo to fit in the space but I highly recommend creating dynamic and fresh art work incorporating your logo, and timely promotional information in this area.
    Your profile photo should be your logo or a specific photo of what it is that your business sells. If YOU are your business or if you are known as the face of your business I highly recommend including your photo AND your logo in your profile photo. People want to hear from people, so try to use an engaging image that is welcoming and friendly.
    If you need art work for your facebook page please email me for rates. jen at jen lew dot com.
  5. Apps n’ Tabs
    Utilize your facebook page to promote your other social networks, e-marketing lists, blog or website! The App/Tabs area (below your cover photo) features clickable images that are important to your business success. This is an area that a lot of businesses neglect. There is no reason not to utilize this area to it’s fullest extent, plus Facebook has made it easier to incorporate a few other social networks you are hopefully already using like Instagram, Pinterest, Various E-Marketing tools etc.. the possibilities in this area are endless and is fully customizable. With a bit of tweaking and original art work this area can be unique to you and your business.
    To change the apps on your timeline: Toggle the arrow on the Right side of your Timeline App section > On the top right corner of each app the dropdown offers the option to Swap position with: > highlight the app you want to be visible and swap with one already listed. To change the image Click Edit Settings at the bottom of the dialogue box > click custom tab image.
    For custom/unique images and develop custom apps for your page that are unique to your business please email jen at jen lew dot com.
  6. Create Milestones
    This is a great opportunity to tell your story and let your customers know about you throughout your pages Timeline. Create Milestones and talk about where your brand has been and how far you’ve come. Attach related photos to those stories. Share with your fans when your doors opened, take a picture of your first dollar, what new offerings you created… Get creative!
    To create Milestones: Click Event, Milestones tab at the status section > Input information > Upload photo > Save.
  7. Featured Likes
    This is not only a great resource if you have multiple facebook pages related to your business, but you can build community engagement by liking other businesses in your area or promote products that your business sells.
    Within the Likes box under your Cover Photo, five of your Page’s Likes will be featured. By default, the Pages that are displayed here will be random… you should customize them and chose the ones you want.
    How to control your featured likes: Admin Panel > Manage > Edit Page > Featured.
  8. Assign Administrator Roles
    If you manage your Page yourself and no one else will touch it, you can feel free to skip this part. But if you have a person or team helping out, you need to consider assigning roles. Think about who will monitor your page(s) effectively. Allow for various levels of control with Facebook Page admin roles. How to assign facebook admin roles: Edit Page > Admin roles > Type names of people > Click role > Save Changes. 
  9. Develop a Strategy
    This is vital to building a successful facebok page. Now that your page is looking good, you have to set up a successful strategy of what you are going to post. Randomly posting about different things as the mood strikes you is not going to best utilize your time, efforts and pages effectively… especially if you are trusting someone else to do it for you.
    To create an effective strategy: I suggest beginning with the WWWH method: Who – Why – What – How
    Who: In my opinion the key to effective social media is determining your business voice — is it serious, silly, informative, fun? Your best guidline to determine this voice is emmulating how you speak to customers in person. If you find you answer the same questions over and over to guests or clients or investors… then find ways to create engaging answers to those questions and post online. Why: Determine your goals? Do you want to focus on new customers or maintain loyalty of current customers? Do you need to broaden your over all reach? Do you want to engage more with fans friends and followers on their pages and post less? What: Do you like to promote timely information and offer timed specials? Continue asking the big overall questions and then form a calendar to outline How. I can not stress the importance of a strategy enough. Answering these questions and developing will make posting much easier and more effective.
  10. Create a Content Calendar
    How: Mapping out your posting schedule and creating an events calendar a few weeks in advance will not only benefit your bottom line, but is the best way to coordinate your internal calendar with your external promotional calendar.
    For example: your business is launching a new product in April. You and/or your marketing team should discuss the launch and all the elements involved so you can use social networks to drive awareness and interest. Decide if there will be posts leading up to the launch in March and May too?
    Use the admin roles management tool and determine who will be posting and at what times. Creating content ideas and themes of topics to discuss in a calendar eliviates the guess work and the allusive . “i don’t know what to post today — eh…i’ll think of something tomorrow” syndrome.
    I am aware that everyone reading this is a busy entreprenuer with a multitude of tasks and to to do’s on your list.
    I know, Tips #10 & #11will go in one ear, and then out the other. You probably won’t do it. It’s my greatest challenge with every client. I do it for you and just taking the time to collaborate on forecasting the months/years ahead is challenging. This is why companies hire internal marketing departments and Social Media Consultants, I can not stress enough the importance of building structure, and consistency in your brand voice.
    But once you do it… it will make your life much easier and all your efforts much more worthwhile.

Yay, i’s time to start Posting!
Stay tuned for next weeks post about how to post effectively on facebook and increase your Likes!  In the meantime… build up that page and keep in touch with your customers, fans and followers! 

I love your questions!! Please share them below in the comments section or on twitter and facebook… don’t be shy! I often get emails from people who ask similar questions. By posting your questions publicly, everyone can benefit.
I’d also love to hear if you found this post helpful… the more I hear from you.. the more effective these posts can be!

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