Facebook Hashtag Privacy
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Facebook Hashtag Privacy

Nobody say’s it better than Mari. Hashtag Privacy

Here’s her post today on Hashtags on Facebook

Lots of confusion flying around about #hashtag #privacy. This brand new feature is rolling out to all users. Here’s the scoop on privacy:

* Hashtags work on personal profile posts, fan page posts, group posts, event posts, and all comments.
* As with all personal profile features on Facebook, privacy settings prevail.
* If you publish a post on your profile to friends only, and the post contains a hashtag – yes, the hashtag will be clickable and open up to display all other posts on Facebook containing that hashtag.
* But, ONLY friends can see friends-only posts that show up in hashtag searches.
* Public posts—with or without hashtags—are public.
* Private (friends-only) posts—with or without hashtags—are just that: private and visible to friends only.
*Even when friends include hashtags in comments on your friends-only thread, your post is still private and visible just to your friends.
*With hashtags shared in private groups, that clickable hashtag will open to show public posts with that tag (along with any friends’ posts with that tag), but posts from the private group would only show to members.
*Individual comments on threads do not surface in hashtag searches; just posts show in searches.