How to see what you want to see in Facebook News Feed Facebook News Feed
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How to see what you want to see in Facebook News Feed

Top Stories / Most Recent

This little tip is super valuable¬†and is available on Facebook business pages and friend pages.¬†Whichever selection you choose- it’s a matter of preference.

Use the Sort menu in the top right of your news feed to choose which stories you see first. Click Most Recent to see stories in the order they were posted, or click Top Stories to see the most interesting stories at the top of your news feed.

I prefer Most Recent – as you know I spend a lot of time on Facebook so this preference suits me. I want to see the most recent posts by friends or pages I like.
If you aren’t as prolific on facebook you might prefer Top Stories so you know what posts your friends have commented on the most.

How to:
At the top of your news feed (see pic below) is an option to toggle SORT: MOST RECENT The little arrow drop down with give you two choices Top Stories or Most Recent. facebook tips

Questions or comments take ’em to¬†facebook.¬†I love to hear from you and I’m happy to help if you have questions.