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Facebook Privacy

It doesn’t exist.
Shutdown your account immediately.

Big Data is everywhere.

Big Data is everywhere.

If you are concerned that someone, somewhere will see your photo and think you are a terrible person for laughing at a dinner party or you are afraid you look too fat in those capris, then you have these three options to chose when deciding who can see your stuff.

  • Only Me = no one else can find it in search
  • Friends = friends will see it in their search results
  • Public = anyone who searches for it can find it

    In all seriousness, no matter how many times you share that uber long post going around, with detailed instructions asking your friends to click this or unclick that to protect your privacy… facebook does not care about your privacy all that much.

    Especially now that they’ve partnered a division with Google (Big Data) — it’s a lock that they really don’t care. The shits free man. You have the choice whether you want to use it or not or whether you want your friends tagging you in photos or not.

    With all this in mind your best bet at controlling what is seen by facebook users is following the steps outlined in the links below and making sure that you are not tagged in ANY photos and you monitor your privacy settings like a hawk – and even then I don’t think you can prevent someone, somehow finding out that you ate a chili dog with everything on it.

    Check out Mari Smith’s post on Facebook for her help in clearing all this up.

    I know I’m making light of what’s on the average persons facebook page and that there are people in certain situations that want or need to maintain their privacy — to them my only advice is.. get the heck off facebook dude.

    “Facebook removes the option to keep your profile private from search.” ~ @JaneSusskind

    If you still want to use facebook but you are not in jeopardy of being deported or losing your job — use it in all it’s glory by adjusting your privacy settings.

    Here are detailed tips (updated October 18, 2013) to maintain your privacy to the maximum that facebook allows you to be private.
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