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Facebook Site Governance

You get to vote on Facebook’s proposed changes to its Statement of Rights and


Responsibilities (SSR) and Data Use Policy on Nov. 21.

Facebook is asking its 1 billion members to decide whether they would prefer the changes or keep the status quo.

Users can vote on whether or not they want the following updates to take place:

  • Facebook will get rid of user voting on its governance changes; instead, the company will allow members to provide feedback by submitting questions to Erin Egan, Facebook’s chief privacy officer, as well as hosting webcasts to address comments and inquiries.
  • Facebook will share user data with its affiliates, including Instagram, which the company acquired in April.
  • Facebook will set “new filters” for managing incoming messages to users’ inboxes.
  • Facebook will change how they “refer” to certain products.
  • Facebook will clarify exactly who can see what on user timelines.

Whether or not facebook will actually change it’s policies or not depending on its users voting choices …well that’s left to be seen.

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