Glimpse: The more "cultured" way to meet people through an app
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Glimpse: The more “cultured” way to meet people through an app

by Aileen Flatley for Jen Lew Marketing & Design

We’ve all seen them. The horny, somewhat attractive guys who post shirtless myspace mirror pics on Tinder, who use pick up lines like, “Are you from Tennessee” or “You’re so hot that if you ate a slice of bread you’d poop toast….” I never really got into the app (sole reason because I didn’t have enough storage to update to 7.0) but I enjoyed the amusing cringeworthy matches my friends would show me. Sure it might be a confidence booster, a good laugh with friends, or a great way to land a “date,” but come on, it all comes down to sex. Totally not judging if that’s all you want; Tinder is perfect for you!! The guys on Tinder may look like a Josh Duhamel, while possessing certain [Ted Bundy] qualities about himself…I’m not looking to become the next victim of an American Psycho (I can thank Criminal Minds for my blind-dating anxiety). But I digress.

There is now a new app called Glimpse—an app that connects people through their Instagram accounts. When first hearing about Glimpse I thought, “Greaaattt, another dating app for singles (a term used loosely) to meet and use pathetic pick-up lines.” However after researching it a bit, I found the app to be a lot different than Tinder.

The difference between Glimpse and Tinder is the purpose. Tinder is designed to connect users geographically. Glimpse is designed to connect Instagram accounts based on common hashtags or locations. “Meet people who experience the world like you.” What’s fun about this is you can chat with people who are local or all over the world. Now that being said, the sketchy people could (and probably will) eventually creep in. Pun intended. You could also meet someone who tags #blessed #trap or #YASSSS with the same sarcasm as you or it could lead you to a hoodrat individual with 3 kids from different fathers. That was rude of me.

ANYWAYS like with anything, it’s what you make of it. So have at it dating-app junkies—may the odds be ever in your favor!

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