Google+ is dead?
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Google+ is dead?

Vic Gundotra‘s resigned as Google’s senior vice president of social. Reports are now saying Google+ is not only dead, but all connected apps to Google+ are detaching. This… is the part of the Google equation that affects in our day to day.

But first let’s discuss Google+ competing with Facebook as a social network, that was never a likely prospect. Your friends and family are already on Facebook and they’re not on G+, and even if you get the odd one to join, they probably won’t use it. (Yes, I have tried.) Like it or not, Facebook has more global reach than Google Search or Gmail, Amazon, eBay or Wikipedia. It’s not going away in a hurry.Google

G+ might have done better if it hadn’t been delusional about replacing Facebook, and aimed at providing something that users — rather than Google — actually needed. What that might be is probably as much of a mystery to Vic Gundotra as it is to me. I think this is all pretty obvious – so when I’ve pushed clients to use Google+ it has never been for this purpose.

For us, the value of G+ has been Google Places because last year Google became synonymous with Google Places and you could not use one without the other. Places is a key marketing component to any businesses to assist in showing up in google rankings. Owning a Places page is imperative to your business.
Tech Crunch is reporting that Places and all other combine apps are disconnecting, which means you will hopefully not be forced to login blindly into multiple Google apps …as explained below

[dropcap]Google[/dropcap]One big change for Google+ is that there will no longer be a policy of “required” Google+ integrations for Google products, something that has become de rigueur for most product updates. One impetus of this was that the YouTube integration with Google+ did not go well, something that the public recognized through the comments blowback, but that was also seen inside the company as a rocky move. That doesn’t mean that all G+ integrations will go away, though. Gmail will continue to have it, but there may be some scaling back that keeps the “sign-on” aspects without the heavy-handed pasting over of G+.

All this said, the Google+ profile you haven’t looked at in months isn’t going away anytime soon. The difference is that techy’s are saying Google is going to start paying a lot less attention to it along with you.

But, Google is denying Google+’s death.” Today’s announcement has no impact on our Google+ strategy — we have an incredibly talented team that will continue to build great user experiences across Google+, Hangouts and Photos,” a spokesperson told HuffPost. Google+ employees publicly pushed back against the article, too. “Let me simply say that this entire TechCrunch article is bollocks,” Google+ chief architect Yonatan Zunger wrote on Google+.