Google Maps / Views policies change
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Google Maps / Views Change

Google Maps Views policiesGoogle Maps Views

Google Maps provides maps, satellite images and street level photos and enables you to add street-level photos through the Panoramio service. The online availability of maps and satellite images has raised few privacy concerns as the satellite images may be years out of date and are low resolution. The largest threat to privacy is Google Maps Street View. Individuals and governments have expressed concerns that this service is a threat to privacy due to the pictures and other data gathered.

Views migration reminder

You may have heard that Views is merging into Google Maps and we are planning a series of improvements to Business View. Here’s a summary of what’s changing soon.

New Street View app

In early September, your profile and published panoramas (photo spheres) will be presented alongside those from Google and other contributors in a new, unified Street View gallery designed to bring more visibility to you and your work. On iOS, this app will replace Photo Sphere Camera with both iOS and Android versions supporting our photo sphere camera mode. Most notably though, the apps are capable of linking to spherical cameras.

Street View | Trusted

In addition to the upcoming app, we’ve also been preparing a set of changes to our sister platform, Google Maps | Business View. Soon, this business–facing, certified photographer program will begin rebranding as “Street View | Trusted.” At that time – and in direct response to your feedback – the program will shed many of its stringent requirements in favor of far more accommodating policies. Enrollment will be much easier, publishing requirements will be simpler, and we’re improving publishing and editing reliability. High quality imagery and consistent professionalism will remain key requirements. If you have questions about transitioning to the Trusted program, see the Trusted program details.

Google Maps

Your public profile will soon take on a new look and feel as some key Views profile features are introduced in Google Maps. These changes will begin rolling out in Google Maps when Views goes offline mid–August. Meanwhile, we’re working to enable uploads directly from the Google Maps website, and later in the year, Google Maps will re–introduce support for creating connections between photo spheres (“constellations”) with a new, more automated solution. Your existing, approved photos, photo spheres and constellations will continue to be visible – and deletable – through the Google Maps website. Unfortunately at this time, descriptions and comments are not able to be carried over to your Google Maps account. Also, all images, including those that have not been approved for Google Maps, will continue to be accessible via Google+ where you can adjust their visibility permissions.

We hope that this unified product landscape will provide even more benefits for the photography community, and we appreciate your patience and understanding.

– The Google Maps Team