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ode to old school from a social media marketers perspective.jenlew_marketing

Being on the front end of Marketing socially for clients – I’ve had the privilege of seeing first hand people shy away – and reject the art of marketing your business online.

But, In the past few months I’ve seen friends use social media to personally market their business, book, movies, tv shows, careers in a much more savvy way.

This turn of events seems to be the result of facebook advertising – it’s now common to see your friends businesses in a little sponsored post or shameless plug in your news feed.

Seeing my friends who are successful filmmakers, just unabashedly beg for you to watch their film or watch their directorial debut on a hit tv show proves the power of social marketing and the fact that you can’t shy away. Everyone does it. Whether it’s the baby’s first walk or the time they made All State in Football you are advertising.

For us here at Jen Lew Marketing & Design – this is a good reminder that we need to do our job. Talk about our clients, keep it friendly, happy, jovial but directly informative… and not be shy on their behalf. Gone are the days of being coy with your audience – get your point out there and find unique and interesting ways to sell what you got – not like a Sham Wow yelling at you but providing a resource to achieve awareness of a service or product that a potential customer might otherwise not know about.