How to delete Facebook Apps
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How to delete apps on facebook

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It’s a common occurrence – you get an invitation from friends to “join Birthday Calendar” or a game, or a new website want’s you to download their app.
You do it.. then you realize “oh snap.. I don’t want this thing to have access to all my stuff and then spam all my friends, Ugh! Get it off my facebook!”

What’s a facebook App?
Apps are games, features, websites that most commonly have access to ALL of your information, posts, photos and have the ability to post on your behalf. You should be VERY selective of what apps you choose.

Here’s How to delete Facebook Apps – after you’ve installed How to remove facebook apps
Top Right Corner of your facebook page > the gear icon
Dropdown > choose Account Settings
On the Left Side Navigation > choose Apps
On the App Settings Page > Find the App(s) you want to remove or edit
Edit settings are the little pencil icon > Make you selections – if you want to delete the App > at the bottom choose Remove app

Poof it’s gone – no one will be spammed again and they don’t have access to your stuff.

Be very mindful of the Apps you choose for your pages. They are designed (quite brilliantly) to make you feel that “hey..everyone else has it I should too” Well, you shouldn’t.