how to use facebook hashtags
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how to use facebook hashtags

It wasn’t until last nights 3rd to last Breaking Bad episode that I realized …Facebook hashtags are definitely increasing in usefulness. We may not use them as much as twitter, and they may not have permeated in being the most powerful marketing tool… yet!

But, I posted last night from my personal facebook page about Breaking Bad and I am shocked to see how many ‘strangers’ liked my post. This has never happened before. I was also on twitter and following the hashtags and sharing in my shock and awe of the amazing writing and full blown engagement of the episode. The twitter flurry is not a surprise, but to receive a comment from a complete stranger (not a friend of a friend) on a personal facebook post – this was a first for me. Now this can all bring about a whole conversation about privacy and settings — so for the sake of this post I will suggest you refer to Social Bakers for their tips on that.

This engagement on facebook definitely gives me reason to believe that the facebook hashtag is not going anywhere and business owners with facebook pages should be utilizing them in a more strategic way. Here’s how:

[one_fourth]Be unique: Use a hashtag that is unique to your event, promotion, product, service. Breaking Bad is brilliant in their use of the hashtag, for each episode they are simple and unique – and just like a Vince Gilligan hint they sum up the emotional journey last nights #nohardfeelings[/one_fourth][one_fourth]Keep ’em short:Think of your product, service, event’s key differential. What about your promotion makes you different or unique from other businesses that provide a similar service. For example — the Greenport Maritime festival is every year – I would suggest #greenporttime as a hashtag. It combines the name of Greenport (obviously) and the festival name — and it’s an annual event so the hashtag can be reused annually. It evokes the suggestion that where else would you go at the end of September on Long Island.[/one_fourth][one_fourth]Integrate: When using your unique hashtag, combine it not only on multiple social sites like twitter, instagram and pinterest but also use the most popular hashtags in conjunction with your unique one. There are tons of sites to find popular hashtags like, tags for likes etc… and many others. [/one_fourth] [one_fourth_last]Howto: Now that you have a hashtag – how are you going to use it? The trick is to be consistent – as with all social endeavors you can’t just use it once and hop it sticks. Use that hashtag whenever you promote your event or product — in print, multiple social sites and on your website. Encourage customers, fans to engage with the hashtag. [/one_fourth_last]

In business marketing you want to remember to create a following and encourage your customers to use the hashtag. Great example of this appear on your tv with almost every commercial for almost every brand, movie trailer or sporting event. Or check out Vine – the app has hundreds of hashtags that users have created and consistently follow each other.

For more hashtag how to’s, tips and suggestions check out this helpful post on Social Media Examiner.

As always, I am available for [Jen Lew] coaching sessions – in just an hour we can conquer your biggest marketing challenges and get your business in the eyes of new customers.

Please comment below with questions or hashtag examples for your business.