Instagram Fruity Hack
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Instagram Fruity Hack

Instagram Hack photoIt’s time to Change your Passwords!!

Make them complex and make them full of letters, numbers and symbols!!
There’s a Instagram hack slowly going around with a fruit theme. It’s unclear so far how the hackers have gotten into over 130 million accounts… but they have and it’s annoying.
Om Malik posted a photo of what the spammers are posting.

This is the one (ugly as heck) photo that was posted to my Instagram, and a good friend had a at least 5 photos in her feed posted to her account.

But, in addition to the mad posting my profile details were changed, including my name, email, website and description. Immediately I deleted the erroneous information and changed my password to something more complex that includes capital and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. This may or may not secure my accounts but it certainly will provide against the hacker bots that try to penetrate my accounts. I suggest you do the same.

Facebook has notified users of this massive hack…but has not provided more details …yet.

Earlier today a small portion of our users experienced a spam incident where unwanted photos were posted from their accounts. Our security and spam team quickly took actions to secure the accounts involved, and the posted photos are being deleted.

In my opinion, the moral of the story is.. change your passwords to something complex, it’s your only defense at this point. Not saying it will work but it won’t hurt. 

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