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Instagram: How to not suck at it

A crappy Instagram account for your small business is worse than not having one at all.

Let’s get right into the tips so you don’t suck and can create an Instagram account you and your customers can be proud of … and increase sales from.

    The easiest way to create a profile that gains fans and followers is to post consistently. Give yourself a schedule that you can stand by – make posting a part of your schedule. You don’t have to post every day but – you can not post every few weeks or months and expect for your Instagram profile to be a success. I believe in posting daily, and maybe twice per day if you really have something interesting to post about. With the options of creating live videos and stories on Instagram, you now have more options of giving your posting schedule creative flexible.

The golden rule is… you can post business stuff on your personal account, but don’t get too personal on your business account. What this means is… if your Insta account is about your restaurant – you don’t post about your kids at their soccer game (unless you’ve provided the food or sponsorship) keep

There is a lot of discrepancy between short captions and long captions. It depends on the context and the image. If it’s a meme and you are trying to be funny – keep it short, if you are a building a brand then you want to tell your story and create a deeper relationship with your followers.

Unless you have 30k followers and you don’t want to expand your reach – you need to use hashtags. Hashtags are your link to expanding your audience and developing a relationship with your community. The keys to great hashtag usage is in a blog post coming soon.

Now that you can like ♥ a comment on Instagram, you can easily engage with your followers. Beyond the simple like of a comment on your posts, you need to seek potential fans and followers in your community by following your customers and local businesses – after that, you need to comment and engage with other photos. Nothing is worse than consistently posting and never responding to comments or following back enthusiastic people who follow you.

bonus tip: A lot of people say the quality of photos is the most important – it’s true the better the clarity and composition of a photo the more it’s appreciated. But even a lame photo taken with your smartphone at a bad angle with poor lighting can still tell the story of your brand and provide interest in your business.

It’s better to post imperfection than not post at all. Instagram is not about the numbers it’s about the quality of followers and commenters.

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