Instagram’s New Terms of Service
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oh snap… Instagram could make me famous.

Instagram’s New Terms of Service, your photos are their photos and now they’ve got you by the… filters.

When a service is completely free, beware: that which is for sale may be you

The NY Times explains it all in detail. But basically, after January 16th any photos taken on Instagram allows information about its users to be shared with Facebook, its parent company, as well as outside affiliates and advertisers.
-You could star in an advertisement — without your knowledge.
-Underage users are not exempt.
-Ads may not be labeled as ads.

If you want to opt out or delete your account the app instaport. You can export the photos and then upload to another service or keep them the old fashioned way in a folder on your computer. For more info on exporting your photos and deleting your account,
this wired article explains it all.