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notifications off. an email-distractionless existence.

It’s been a long time coming.
Today, is the day I’ve turned off all email notifications.
While handy, convenient and neat. Having notifications popping up on my desktop, iphone and ipad is completely overwhelming and most importantly… distracting.

Today, they are all turned off.

Today is the day, I’m only reading emails when I’ve scheduled the time to read them.
As I write this I realize that I haven’t quite figured out when those times will be …but I do know that starting tomorrow reading email will no longer be the first thing I do.

Every morning I read my emails at about 5am, it is a baaad habit.
Like most people now-a-days I reach for the phone or ipad to check the time. Then compulsively, it starts – the bad habit. Grazing through emails or responding to facebook or twitter notifications. “Bad habit”, its really an addiction. One where I might need a support group and quite possibly a padded room while I go through withdrawal.

If you know me, you know I’ve got an iphone, ipad, macbook or something readily available, constantly, everywhere. It’s no bueno. Thankfully I’m setting off on a journey to ween myself from device distraction, but still be able to function adeptly in the world of multi-media. How? Yipe!

I wasn’t even aware that email was such a distraction until I started reading the emails from various bloggers and publications stating that I should stop reading emails. Supposedly, it’s completely unproductive and not what successful people do… who knew. I thought I was supposed to multi-task and constantly flitter between 100 things.

Email, social media, mobile invasion and good manners? We were all taught to respond to an email right away, or at least I was many years a go. “You must respond or it’s rude or they’ll think you are ignoring them”. But now times and rules have changed. No longer are we just receiving that email, we’re getting hundreds of them and impatiently waiting less than 3 seconds for a response. Plus, it’s not just email it’s a phone call, a text, post, tweet, message on linkedin… there are a gazillion ways to receive someone else’s urgent demand for your time and attention.

From the get-go, as I consider how I’m going to manage email better, and more productively with my schedule. There are two big challenges I need to address 1) I firmly believe that when a client emails. I should respond. Immediately. I’m learning that there are many reasons why this is not ok and not beneficial to either of us. 2) A large part of my work is posting timely stuff on various social networks for various clients.

I’ve got to create balance and manage my time. I’m not sure how this will all play out, or what the email reading ‘schedule’ will be, but notifications are off and I feel good about taking control over the situation… and I’ve actually just finis

I just received an email from a client and responded to it immediately. If you plan to try this yourself, I bid you all good luck on your ‘no distractions by emails journey. I know I’m going to need it.

Please let me know what your thinking and comment here or on any number of other distracting networks below and let me know how you deal with emails, I’d love to hear about your solutions or struggles. 

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