The KISS Principle Keep It Significant & Shareable
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KISS …it’s not just an awesome 80’s band! Keep It Significant and Shareable

Keep it Simple Stupid is the chalkboard design currently on my office wall. It’s a fantastic reminder for me to not let the complexities of having a multitude of clients thoughts, wants, needs and expectations consuming me.

KISS Keep It Simple Stupid Chalkboard Wall at Jen Lew

KISS Keep It Simple Stupid Chalkboard Wall at Jen Lew

But, this recent post in Social Media Today expands the principle with at new acronym Keep it Significant and Shareable. This resonates with me on a whole other level in regards to Social Media.

Significant: A significant post is one that is deemed relevant by the target audience you are posting it to.

Shareable: Content that’s shareable, means there is little friction in order to easily share it with your friends, colleagues, spouse or extended family.

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