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Linkedin – 5 Steps to create & improve your profile

A LinkedIn Profile allows colleagues, industry leaders, and talent searchers to gain a
360-degree view of YOU and your circle of influence. These are things that a resume cannot deliver. And it gives you a chance to say whatever you’d LOVE to say to a potential employer (or client) … if only you had the chance! 

Linkedin is an opportunity for you to personally brand yourself. Build upon your resume, and create a profile to convey your professional personality in the most polished and professional way.

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  • 1. Customize your public profile URL
    Obviously completing your profile is the utmost important, but claiming your linkedin URL is handy, and improves searchability!
    You can choose your name, business name or the name you are best known for.
    This will improve your online searchability by developing better google search ratings and optimizing your profile effectively. Which means that you can leave a custom linkedin URL on your resume, business website or CV… just like this making you look savvy and professional.Here’s how to claim your unique linkedin URL:
    Log in > on the top header bar Click Profile
    Toggle > Edit Profile > Click Edit under the header profile photo
    On new Edit Page right side > Click Customize your public profile URL
  • 2. Complete your Linkedin Profile! 
    Not just your resume – but everything that will spice up your profile.
    Show off your personality, include a dynamic headline, current work experience, past work experience, specialties, and a short, clear summary.

    • Use keywords that are searchable, if you are the “Owner” of your business Choose words like “CEO, or President” – are you a “Programmer” or a “Sr. Programmer/Java Specialist”.
    • Be sure to complete your tag line – and have it emphasize the words that describe your position.
    • Break up your summary with separate paragraphs and bullet point your achievements.
    • Take time with your profile summary, it is the key to branding yourself and building personality behind all that experience. Follow this rule; tell people who you are, explain what you do, provide information about your professional goals or aspirations.
    • Be creative, and efficient in the way you write.
  • 3. Connect
    That’s the point ..right! Connect. Connect. Connect. Network.
    Add your email contacts and connect with past colleagues and friends via their email addresses. Your connections are the key to a successful linkedin profile.Here’s how to add connections: 
    Log in > on the top header bar Click Contacts
    Toggle Add Connections > Link to your email provider > Grant access to contacts.
  • 4. Recommendations, Groups, Apps
    Recommendations, write them for others – the more you give the more you receive. Encourage colleagues, friends, team members to write recommendations for you.Here’s how to request recommendations: 
    Log in > on the top header bar Click Profile
    Toggle Recommendations > Request Recommendations > Follow prompts to request recommendations for the appropriate postions.Groups give you connections to the industry you are in or want to be in. Expand your connections and get in touch with other experts in your chosen field.

    How to join groups on Linkedin:
    Log in > on the top header bar Click Groups
    Toggle Groups You May Like > Click View on the groups that interest you >  Chose your group and click Join Group.
    There are options to create groups or check out the groups directory.

    Apps keep you socially connected – which one’s are right for you? You can choose from reading apps to travel or blogging.

    How to connect Apps on Linkedin:
    Log in > on the top header bar Click More
    Toggle below Your Applications > choose your App.

  • 5. Monitor & Update
    Who’s been looking at your profile? You can see.. it’s not just interesting but if you are looking for a job or to expand your business knowing who has viewed your profile helps. Keep track of Trends, Monitor this section of Linkedin so you know what posts or updates are working on your profile. (note: you can adjust your settings so your name is not viewed in your searches on other peoples profiles)
    Keep your profile updated. Build it and then every few weeks tweak it, shorten it and keep it up to date. It’s the least you can do to keep your name in the linkedin algorithm and search results finding you.


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