Linkedin Lawsuit
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Linkedin Lawsuit

I filed my claim with Linkedin. Did you?

This Linkedin Lawsuit is more important to me because of the changes and mandates that will ultimately be made in the social network space than the possibility of being awarded $10 or less when the case is settled.

If you aren’t aware of the Linkedin lawsuit it stems from a feature called “Add Connections.” The feature offers the user the ability to import personal contacts, LinkedIn would send out emails inviting them to connect with you. Which is acceptable, but what users didn’t agree to were the two subsequent emails LinkedIn would send if they didn’t hear from the contact within a certain time frame. Linkedin also didn’t make it clear that these invites weren’t coming from the user – making it seem like the inviter was overly anxious to connect with those contacts.

It’s been a few years and now there’s a claim and you may be one of the thousands of LinkedIn users who are entitled to a small portion of the $13 million class-action settlement. 

Most LinkedIn users probably won’t take the time to claim their payout, which could amount to about $10 per person at the end of the settlement.