Mac Shortcuts
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Mac Shortcuts

When it comes to navigating your computer like a pro, nothing speeds you up like knowing the exact keystroke to open a new window, or force quit a troublesome app.

Here to wean you off your mouse dependency are these keyboard shortcuts that’ll rid you of that point and click habit once and for all.


Open your application switchermac keyboard shortcuts

Command + Tab.
From there, you can navigate with the arrow keys.

Force quit

Command + Shift + Option + Esc for three seconds
This bypasses that annoying dialogue box that asks you if you’re sure every time.

Screenshot your entire screen

Command + Shift + 3
Not just a selected area.

Screenshot a specific application

Command + Shift + 4 + Space Bar
A camera will appear, and you simply move it to the right window and click.

Empty the trash without confirming

Command + Option + Shift + Delete

Find typos in your text

Command + ;

Create a new folder

Command + Shift + N

Open up Spotlight to browse your whole computer

Command + Space

Close just your current tab

Command + W
Should you need to get rid of some evidence in a hurry.

Create a new email in Apple Mail

Command + Shift + I

Invert your desktop colors

Command + Control + Option + 8

Quit your open program

ALT + F4

Lock your computer screen

Windows Logo + L

Close your current window

ALT + F4

Open the start menu

Control + Escape

Alternate between programs

ALT + Tab

Open up task manager

Control + Shift + Escape

Delete an item permanently

Shift + Delete
And bypass sending it to the recycle bin.

Minimize open windows

Windows logo key + M

Clear applications to reveal the desktop

Windows logo key + D

Compare two documents side by side

Windows logo key + Left Arrow or Right Arrow