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Love Lane Kitchen


Love Lane Kitchen is a restaurant open 7 days in Mattituck, located right in the middle of Long Island’s wine country, it is a great a spot to stop during a day of wine tasting or daily meals.


Created a website that is better aligned with their brand direction and company culture.

  • Implement illustrations and graphic design
  • Restructure information architecture
  • Design an easy way for users to learn about their services
  • Develop a simple portfolio and case studies gallery
  • Create an easy and flexible navigation
  • Provide greater device accessibility through Responsive Web Design

Love Lane Kitchen’s website saw significant results after a complete digital redesign, providing users with an experience that clearly offers customers the information they need in a fast, clean environment. The restaurant and website boast a high volume of traffic on a daily basis it was imperative that we keep things simple for customers.

Our beautiful new website truly replicates our brand values, and sets a precedent for the quality and easy experience our customers have in the restaurant. – Carolyn Iannone



Launched the Love Lane Kitchen brand through social media since 2008.

Providing social media services to help the Love Lane Kitchen distribute their message to multiple platforms including Email Management, Twitter, and Instagram has curated over 20,000 loyal subscribers and an active online family of customers.


We were able to establish a real personality and authentic image as a brand. We designed a simple, but significant — bold typography, along with minimal elegance.




With digital being the primary connection point between the Love Lane Kitchen brand and their customers, we used the social media experience as our foundation to define the brand identity framework and emotional connection between the internal business and their customers.



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