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Come on. Do you really think it exists anymore.

Let’s be real, wouldnn’t you rather recieve a few harmless banner ads on your screen than a mailbox filled with paper – advertising crap you would never think to buy. Don’t you remember the flyers and coupon books with roofing discounts and fireplace cleaning when you didn’t even own a home or have a fireplace.

I’d rather be aggravated that I once looked up the name of that insanely spam filled diet pill that idiots across the land are actually taking – my first experience with a spammed account was to my Instagram with that diet drug. I was convinced then as I am now that it was the most soul sucking, pond scum of a marketing campaign that deserves awards for their douchery.

That company found and bled our computers, apps, magazines, and anything they could find to get the name of that drug into the minds of unsuspecting morons who believe that taking this magical plant will help them lose 100’s of pounds.

Well, I for one am just that sucker… not only did they spam my IG back in 2013 but recently I saw a post in my facebook newsfeed talking about how Chris Jenner forces the Kardashians to lose weight. It was a photo and copy written exactly like a post from Jezebel, Refinery 29 or Salon. Not even written as an advetorial – it was epically perfect in every way – and I clicked on the fucker. The minute I scanned the article I saw the name of the drug and immediately went back to my news feed. They got me! The bastards.

But this blog post was supposed to be about privacy. Well I don’t care, I have nothing to hide. You can have my photos with bad lighting of all my pancakes and sunsets. My friends who I take photos of have all {Accepted} their lives away with the click of an unread dialogue box – so I don’t fear them being pissed. This is the world we live in – these are new stories to tell.

There used to be phone booths, and tv’s were scarce and everyone was afraid of those things too. Could you imagine the first cars or only having to go to the movies to see Brad Pitt with his shirt off.