Restaurants + TV and Movies = Facebook - Marketing
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Restaurants + TV and Movies = Facebook

Facebook announced today that it will let people book restaurant reservations from their smartphone!
This means you no longer have to login to the OpenTable app or onto a restaurant website. Just stay on Facebook ..where you were anyway (let’s be honest).

Now when you visit a restaurant’s facebook business page, you can book directly from the page – this feature will be available to the 20,000 restaurants on OpenTable in North America. This is definitely in direct competition with Yelp – who also has an OpenTable integration – so as “liking” pages and adding reviews to pages becomes more prevalent Yelp is going to see some serious competition.opentable-reservation

In another change Facebook added tv listings to it’s mobile app – this means that TV shows & Movies that have facebook pages, now those pages will display the next local time and channel it’s playing.

As a social media marketer this is a huge breakthrough for small business – no longer will customers have to ‘think’ about where to look for a restaurant or go to another app for movie times or tv listings – you will just stay on facebook.

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