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[config_item title=”SOCIAL MEDIA” image=”5906″]We get you, we are the little guys too. We help you build your business and achieve your goals and handle all this web stuff.[/config_item]
[config_item title=”WEB DESIGN” href=”” image=”5911″]The focus is to build your brand online and make your website manageable for you, and most of all found by your customers or clients.[/config_item]
[config_item title=”MARKETING” href=”” image=”5904″]Design and function! A complete assessment of your business, providing you with options to grow and expand your digital and print image.[/config_item]
[config_item title=”COPY WRITING” image=”5903″]Cat got your tongue? Don’t worry. We can write awesome copy for your website, blog and social media pages that make your readers giggle, get hungry or just want to hear more of what ‘you’ have to say.[/config_item]
[config_item title=”COACHING” href=”” image=”5910″]Delivered in person or virtually, one-on-one social media, marketing or WordPress training sessions to get your vision out there; improve sales, productivity, and communication with customers.[/config_item]
[config_item title=”STRATEGIES” image=”5908″]Don’t lag behind when it comes to the development and implementation of your marketing challenges, get your business ahead of the curve.[/config_item]
[headline title=”SMALL BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION” desc=” Creating Compelling Customer Experiences”]

Award-winning skills specialized in providing small businesses the ability to connect with customers on an organic level.

Why? Because we’ve learned something fundamental over the past eight years: local small business requires a different kind of marketing agency.

Setting your business apart puts you on the map. (Just ask any of our clients.) This proven methodology ensures that smart focus on target customers  – translates into meaningful repeat customers. By creating compelling brand messaging and fun strategies. The results are a fresh approach that distinguishes small business in a cluttered market.

Providing clients with a full suite of integrated digital and traditional marketing services: Strategy. Branding. Messaging. Web design and development. Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Graphic design, Content Generation, Marketing Automation and Email Marketing.

Offering flexible and diverse needs to small businesses. Serving as your entire integrated marketing department – reporting on a continuing basis, driving all aspects of your marketing presence – or complementing the expertise of your own small, in-house marketing team. In all cases, we are completely transparent, fully accountable, and guided by both experience and data.

That’s all a lot to take in when all you need are a few hundred more customers a month. My strategic plans are realistically founded on your actual budget and human resources, as well as your small business preferences and needs – ensuring success while saving you time and money. I obsess over results. I track, measure, test, refine. We make decisions that are in the best long-term interests of our clients.