Snapchat for beginners and adults
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How To SnapChat



SnapChatI understand. SnapChat is a foreign, weird, preteen crazy visual thing that you have no clue what to do with. Here’s the thing, though. It’s growing. rapidly.

I bet it took you a while to adapt to Facebook and/or Twitter… and even longer to realize social media is good for your business.

Adults can Snap. No really!

Creating an Account and Username 

To get started, download the Snapchat app from the iTunes App Store for iOS or from the Google Play Store for Android. Then follow the steps below to sign up for a new account.

  1. On the Welcome screen, tap ‘SIGN UP.’
  2. Tap the field that says ‘Email Address‘ and enter a valid email address. It’s important to have a valid email address associated with your account. If you forget your password, your email address can be used to reset it.
  3. Tap the field that says ‘Password‘ and enter a secure password. Your password must be at least 8 characters.
  4. Choose your username. Your username is your identity on Snapchat. Make it something unique to you and remember that you cannot change your username once you have set it.
  5. Verify your phone number. This step is optional, and you can verify your phone number at any time. If you ever forget your password, we can send a password reset text to your verified phone number.
  6. Lastly, prove you’re not a robot! Once you’ve completed this step you’re ready to get Snapping!


Snaps are picture or video messages taken and shared with friends on Snapchat in real-time. Snaps can be viewed for up to 10 seconds, depending on the amount of time the user chooses. Snapchatters can choose to have their photo or video saved in their phone’s photo gallery or just sent to friends.

By default, Snaps disappear from the screen once they are viewed – unless your friend decides to keep it, such as with a screenshot or separate camera. Snaps are meant to make conversation more spontaneous, visual and fun!

How to Create and Send Snaps

Taking Photos and Videos

To take a photo Snap, tap once.

To record a video Snap, press and hold for as long as you want the video to be.

How To SnapChat


To delete your photo, tap X in the top left corner.


Drawing and Adding a Caption

To draw on your Snap, tap in the top right corner.

To set the timer for a photo Snap, tap the timer icon in the bottom left corner and select the amount of time you want your Snap to last, but note that we can’t guarantee the Snap will only last for this amount of time and the recipient could take a screenshot of the Snap.

To add a caption, tap the middle of the screen and enter text. Tap anywhere (or press ‘Done’) to exit out of the caption interface.

How To SnapChat

Viewing Snaps

To view a Snap, simply tap once on the Snap!

Snap How to snap

If you have multiple Snaps sent to you from the same friend, those Snaps will be viewed as a stacked flipbook of moments, similar to Stories. Tap once to skip to the next Snap, or swipe down to exit the current Snap.

If you’d like to view Snaps individually, swipe right on your friend’s name to jump into Chat. Then tap on an individual Snap to view it.

The outer ring of the circle represents how much time is left in the current Snap. The ring will disappear as you are viewing the Snap, indicating how much time you have left to view it!

Adding Stickers to a Snap

It’s easy to add multiple stickers to your Snaps. Here’s how:

1. Take a photo or video Snap.

2. Tap the Snapchat button in the top-right corner of the Snap preview screen.

3. Tap the sticker you want, or swipe to view more stickers.

How to SnapChat Emoji

4. If you want to remove a sticker you’ve placed, press and hold on the sticker and drag it up onto the snapchat icon.

Remember, you can always pinch your fingers on a sticker to make it bigger or smaller!

What Do the Different Icons Mean?

Sent Icons

How To Snapchat
A Snap sent without audio A Snap sent with audio A sent Chat

Opened Icons

A friend opened a Snap without audio A friend opened a Snap with audio A friend opened a Chat A friend viewed and received Cash

Received Icons

You have received a Snap or multiple Snaps that all do not contain audio You have received a Snap or multiple Snaps that contain at least one Snap with audio You have received a Chat

Viewed Icons

Your Snap sent without sound has been viewed Your Snap sent with sound has been viewed Your Chat has been viewed A Snap or Chat is pending and may have expired

Screenshot Icons

A screenshot has been taken of your Snap without audio A screenshot has been taken of your Snap with audio A screenshot has been taken of your Chat

Replay Icons

Your Snap sent without sound has been replayed Your Snap sent with sound has been replayed