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Jen works with you to develop, design, implement, and evaluate social marketing campaigns to create meaningful changes in your business. If you are looking for a new way or different behavior in marketing your brand – you need to be more involved in social marketing.

Hire Jen to talk about you online! Choose from one of these packages or shoot her an Email to discuss other options.

GURU  | 16 Hours Per Month
Collaboratively we work together to develop a clear concise brand and consistent voice online. Jen will get to know your brand and then build an effective strategy to assist your business in building revenue. Jen strives to achieve, and go beyond your marketing goals by creating dynamic online communities, create engaging content and converting fans and followers to customers.

MAVEN  | 8 Hours Per Month
Focused on your social networks, Jen is a reliable ambassador on behalf of your company, working collaboratively with you to define your social media needs and present them effectively online. Jen posts and monitors, your social networks. Combining technology, original content, and common sense to build and grow your brand. Creating personalized solutions to engage and communicate with your customers.

COACH  |  2 1/2 Hour Sessions
Private, intensive social media focused sessions with you and up to 2 of your staff members. We brainstorm together, examine your current marketing assets and incorporate the growing number of social networks work for you. Includes 2 weeks of on-call/email assistance after our session.

Customized to your specific needs, I will assist you by phone or in person to guide you through the labyrinth of new technologies in the digital landscape. Broaden your skills; give you tips & tricks and up-to-date suggestions to make your digital presence more dynamic. I will teach you and/or your staff to monitor social networks, send out engaging emails, and connect with press, bloggers and media.

How Jen works  

Jen’s approach typically follows this pattern:


• Depth of knowledge about your company and your industry are paramount to success. Through online research, 1 -1 meetings and communication with client,  interaction and discussion with support staff, I learn what you and your business are all about.

• I work with you and your team building a relationship together

• I guide you in creating a specific goal and strategy for how you will get “there”  – customized for your business,

• I work with you to  transcend the way things are currently done.


• Build customized social media, Web, search engine-optimized sites, blogs, forums, video and image galleries, Facebook presences, Twitter accounts and much more.

• Integrate your online footprint so all your social sites work together, saving you much time and money.

• Translate your company message to relevant online communities to drive new business your way.

• Increase your online exposure by adding your content to social communities such as Pinterest, YouTube, Yelp and others.

• Create viral marketing tools from widgets and custom social applications.


• By mentoring and guiding you to make changes in how you communicate and interact with customers, partners and other stakeholders. We maintaing customer relationships and engagement.

• I  guide you and transfer knowledge to your team, so that you become the experts in your field, and translate that to your online communities as quickly as possible.

• Engage a targeted network of bloggers, Twitterers and users of other social networks who opt into your message to extend its reach.

• Use my integrated solutions; online publicity, online grassroots & new media marketing, business intelligence, search engine services and online reputation clean-up and management — to realize he power of an integrated, comprehensive approach.

• Take advantage of my expertise, credibility, approach, perspective, sense of humor.

• Teach you on how to compete with new competitors from emerging markets to help orient your business on changing market dynamics.


• I quickly brief you on how your customers, competitors and other stakeholders are using social networks like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, social tagging and other sites.