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Social Media Marketing How To Get more customers

Wow, things have changed! In the past few years, I have switched conversations with small business from WHY you need social media to HOW you can use social media marketing to your advantage.

The online world has witnessed the growing importance of Social Media as a crucial digital marketing tool that can give maximum exposure and greater marketing mileage for any brand, product or service. It has gone from being a mere fad or yet another simple platform where content is published – and evolved into one of the most powerful marketing and advertising tools and strategies.

We’ve all witnessed the growth of the online world and know the importance of Social Media as a valuable small business marketing tool that gives maximum exposure and greater customer growth for any business, product or service.


Here are the keys to maximizing growth potential and increase your income.


Your social profiles are the external/digital version of your business. The best way to gain customers and increase sales is to just care about your followers online.


Do your business a favor. Pick a social media platform (I suggest Instagram) and post often. By often I mean at least four times per week if you can do more that’s great. To be clear, I don’t mean four times in one day I mean pick four days a week and post. Consistency is the name of the game because the more people see your business name the more they’ll be interested. More importantly, the more you post the easier it becomes and the more valuable your account will be.


Don’t ‘sell’ your stuff, talk about your product or service. Write posts as if you were speaking to a friend not broadcasting a special on tomatoes at the supermarket. Give your posts a friendly, inclusive feeling maybe if you are selling tomatoes offer up a delicious recipe and then mention that a pound of tomatoes this week are only $3.00 so dinner is cheap.


One of the most overlooked aspects of a business owners social strategy is paying attention to other people and businesses online. Over the past few years, I find that I know a person Instagram name faster than their real name – you should be this way too.


Social media is “social” and customers expect some form of interaction from business owners to respond back when they react to a post, send messages or comment online. At least like their comment and be friendly – at best comment and engage in conversation. It’s easier now more than ever to Like a comment on Instagram; it’s easy to follow back a followers page, and it’s even more easy to Like a post by loyal followers feed.


There’s a Twitter profile of a local business that has their phone number as their Twitter handle. I don’t know if they think this is a good idea or if it was an oversight… but I’ll tell you this its a bad idea. What’s a good idea is putting your phone number in the designated area and your business name as your Twitter name. Wherever there is an opportunity to talk about your business, products and services take advantage of it. Fill in all profiles. Where photos and header images are concerned, make them look as good as possible. Sometimes these pictures are the first impression of your business.


You are what you post. Sharing a blurry image of your product with a description that no one will understand is not the way to go. If you take the time to craft interesting content with your images and provide quality image you are offering your customers value and they will WANT to hear from you and look forward to your posts.

Building your social media reach will take some time, but if you’re committed to the steps above, we guarantee you’ll start seeing results.

How else do you recommend increasing your social media reach?

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As you can see, there are a lot of details that go into growing your customer base and providing quality social media posts. Social Media needs a strategy, and consistent attention this is not something a business owner can dedicate enough time to or a millennial can handle as a side job — especially with all the necessary changes and trends that are consistent. Eventually, you’ll need to hire a dedicated social media manager to manage your accounts, keep your profiles current, stay on top of trends, post great content, and do a whole lot of experimenting to provide analytics and data.