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Social Media Trends 2016

Marketers Must Adapt As Social Media Continues to Evolve in 2016

Questions from Adrian Domocos founder of

What digital marketing trends do you predict for 2016?

More social apps are discovering ways to keep users engaged within the app, such as the ability for e-commerce buying options directly from within the app.

From a marketing perspective big changes are happening. Digital marketing, as we knew it is evolving quickly. We, as social media managers had it good for a while – we knew the basic rules (engage, monitor and create valuable content). Now, the game has changed back to more of a traditional advertising game. Business owners are savvier, customers are savvier and they’ve become more diverse. There was a time when everyone was on Facebook or Twitter and it was like shooting fish in a barrel if you knew the rules and understood your clients enough to be able to represent them.

Now more than ever, an organic two-way connection with your audience is more necessary. Direct contact, and consistent engagement has always been the forefront but now it’s truly finding the right medium and communicating your message precisely how the audience wants to view, see, watch and read it.  The basic trend seems to be the need to bob and weave to keep up with the ever-changing landscape.

Question 2: Which will be the top 3 most useful social media networks in 2016 and why? 

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter … plus, LinkedIn and SnapChat

2016 doesn’t look to be the year that Facebook & Twitter will falter from the top, but there is no denying users are slowly dropping. Others will definitely rise and Instagram definitely does not seem to be going anywhere.

SnapChat is a for sure a growing mainstay – not for every brand but as a new form of entertainment and messaging it’s direct form of messaging combined with the television type easily accessible long-form content its a massive game changer for advertising. LinkedIn looks to be the B2B leader and I will be curious to see what new products and developments they release.

The trend I see evolving is the ability to keep users in an app. Both SnapChat and Instagram don’t provide clickable links, so this means marketers need to create innovative ways to keep users intrigued about their clients products and services within an app. Not an easy feat – training followers to click from a link within a profile and not the post itself on Instagram is a huge game changer.

Question 3: Please recommend to our audience two of your most useful social media marketing tips.

  1. Be Flexible and Adapt
  2. Get Creative and Try new