Twitter Tools and Optimizing your efforts
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Twitter Tools and Optimizing your Efforts

Managers use Twitter tools to effectively execute their social media strategies in the best way. Optimize your efforts and make a big impact.

1. Setup command control. Use a central dashboard to schedule your tweets and track @mentions, retweets and DMs. You can also engage your followers directly through your dashboard. Consider using Hootsuite (the is a free and pro version) or TweetDeck.

2. Keep your tweets topped up. Use Bufferapp right from your browser’s toolbar to easily tweet out pages that your followers will benefit from reading. You can store tweets to be sent out at pre-designated times.

3. Manage your Twitter account. Use ManageFlitter to manage who you follow and unfollow based on a range of criteria. This tool also helps you  find people to follow on Twitter and determine when most of your followers are online, so you know what time to schedule your tweets. Soon, they will also have a feature that allows you to track keyword mentions.

4. Join a tribe. Triberr is primarily a website that bloggers used to increase their reach. It’s a powerhouse of website that uses other’s Twitter streams, Facebook and bookmarking sites to promote blog posts. If you decide to only use one social media tool to expand your online presence and you own a blog, choose this tool.

Tribes are grouped around a common interest, such as Internet marketing, so posts are customized for the bloggers area of interest. The blogger has the option of of approving posts and decides which posts to share and how to share said posts.

This site can also be used to load your Twitter stream with links to quality blogs that your target audience would be interested in. This is done easily and effortlessly at a click of the mouse.