Up Your Facebook Game
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Up Your Facebook Game

How to turn off everything you hate about Facebook.

It’s a necessary evil for everyone ¬†most¬†¬†some …me to compulsively open Facebook on my phone and computer like it’s a full bowl of potato chips – I dip in there for another short peak only to find the mindless scrolling leads to the end of a page that asks me to reload.

Just because you scroll, doesn’t mean you need to see things you don’t want to see.¬†

facebook unfollowUNFOLLOW

Just because you are ‘friends’ doesn’t mean you need to see their kid go off to school and hear their political opinions. Just UNFOLLOW them.
Ya gotta be crazy to Unfollow Jimmy Fallon but whether it’s a facebook business page or your high school lab partner you can just Unfollow them instead of unfriending them. Then you won’t see their stuff in your news feed.

Jen Lew Facebook

To go beyond the Unfollow РYou can adjust your facebook news feed preferences to control what you see. You have two choices Most Recent or Top Stories.

  • Top Stories (Default): Shows the most popular stories from friends, Pages and groups at the top of your News Feed
  • Most Recent: Shows stories from friends, Pages and groups in the order they were posted

Facebook ChatCHAT

There are few things about Facebook that frustrate me more than the chat feature. I don’t use it, even though it has the potential of being fantastic – for me it’s¬†irritating and an additional burden on my day. With that said there’s nothing better than sharing photos, docs, messages via facebook when you need to or if you don’t have someone’s mobile number or email at the ready. So there lies the frustration.

To me, chat is just the most unfinished feature of facebook – like the space has been changing and evolving so quickly that facebook can’t keep up.

The easy fix is to just Turn Off Chat. There are a bunch of preferences in the Chat section on the Right sidebar of your facebook feed on desktop.


Facebook Birthday NotificationsBIRTHDAY ALERTS

Oy! There are like a zillion different ways Facebook reminds you of Birthdays.


Really there only one way to Turn Off Birthday Notifications.

 Settings > Notifications > On Facebook > Birthdays


If you only want pictures of yourself from your good side posted to your timeline for all to see – you can do two things.

  1. Un-Tag yourself from the photos

    You can also remove tags from multiple photos at once:
    1. Go to your activity log.
    2. Click Photos in the left column.
    3. Select the photos you’d like to remove a tag from.
    4. Click Report/Remove Tags at the top of the page.
    5. Click Untag Photos to confirm.



Really there only one way to Turn Off Birthday Notifications.

 Settings > Notifications > On Facebook > Birthdays