Vine Updates Features
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Vine Update


It was only a matter of time before Vine launched an update to compete with the launch of Instagram’s 15 sec video. If they hadn’t launched a few changes I agree with the skeptics they would definitely uh… (insert obvious pun)  die on the vine.

The update includes the following: 

  • Revining: Share other people’s posts with your all of your followers in one tap.
  • Protected Posts: Most Vine posts are public, which means they can be viewed, discovered and shared by anyone on Vine. If you want more control over who can see your posts, you can now protect your posts, which means only the people you approve to follow you can see them. And of course, if you choose to share one of your protected posts to Twitter or Facebook, then it will also be viewable on the web.
  • New Camera Tools: We’ve redesigned the camera and included new grid, focus, and ghost tools to make shooting great videos even easier.
  • Channels: We’re introducing 15 channels for you to submit posts to or browse from the Explore screen, including comedy, music and nature — each with their own theme and Popular feed. They’re a great way to highlight the awesome posts that are shared every day.
  • On The Rise: Discover new people who are starting to capture the attention and interest of the Vine community.
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