What Went Wrong After DailyCandy's $125 Million Sale
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What Went Wrong After DailyCandy’s $125 Million Sale

Daily-Candy1Maintaining a brand’s integrity and how it’s culture is defined is the cornerstone of everything Jen Lew Marketing & Design.

When Dany Levy first started Daily Candy it was the first email marketing platform that (my friends and I knew of) had a very specific and unique brand message, but was also strategically curated with products, brands and new designers. We all felt it was The place to launch your product or service outside of traditional press in magazines.

The goal of Jen Lew Designs Soy Candles & Matchboxes was to get “press” on Daily Candy. We did, it was a small blurb that I was sure to put in every media kit for many years.

It added the caché and notoriety that helped get a meetings with both Henri Bendel and Fred Segal.

How the demise of Daily Candy ultimately happened I never knew until seeing this post in Inc. today. But the WHY of the crumble of that business was always in the back of my mind. Just like Dany – I had unsubscribed. Even though the great graphics remained and I was still receiving an email in my inbox as usual – there was a completely different brand feel when I read the content or looked at products. Curation was gone, the brand culture was completely gone and so was I and a thousands of subscribers.

The brand was dead.

That feeling, that creates a connection is your single most valuable asset to your consumer – there is no way to fake it or copy what a competitor is doing in order to survive. You need – as a business owner to develop your own brand culture. You need to connect with your audience in an authentic and genuine way.