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North Fork Marketing & Design is a full service marketing and web design company in New York that is driven to help your business thrive.

Everyone knows the internet can do wonders for small businesses. We’re the ones that know how to do it.

In short, we build websites, we increase visibility, and we grow businesses. We love working with small and start-up businesses so we can watch them grow. We build websites, create print ads, and develop social pages that bring you customer loyalty and the ability for your business to withstand the seasons.

Let’s work together to build the business you want and the success you deserve.

-Jen Lew
North Fork Marketing & Design


Let’s cut to the chase:
Small Businesses, Companies and organizations come to North Fork Marketing & Design to fix their marketing & website problems.

Jen Lew and her team of small business marketers and web designers have become renowned as Problem Solvers by getting big results in multiple industries. If you are experiencing problems with your business and you’re willing to do what it takes to fix them, then contact us here at North Fork Marketing & Design.

The problems we solve:
  • Do you want your website to BRING IN more customers? 
  • Do you want your website to provide information for customers that are looking for you?
  • Do you want your website to be a static environment to provide scheduling or detailed information about you? 
  • Do you want your website to convert existing leads into customers? 
  • Do you want you website to be a place to purchase goods or schedule/purchase services? 
  • Do you want more EYES on your business services and products?
  • Do your social media efforts yield no likes, comments or followers?
  • Do you have social media pages but don't know what to do with them?
  • Do your email newsletters or blasts not get any attention or results?
  • Do you spend a fortune on print ads and have no idea if they work?
  • Do you need branding advice?
  • Does your company offer wonderful products and services but nobody seems to know about them?
  • Do you compare your business to others?
  • Do you want to know how to keep yourself and your team engaged in your marketing efforts?

Part of the reason entrepreneurs rely on traditional solutions to marketing problems is because they continue to use the same traditional methods of problem solving.

In 2015 we can’t continue to use the same methods and approaches and expect to get different results.

North Fork Web, Marketing & Design

Brand Building + Skills + Tools

When you work with Jen Lew and North Fork Marketing & Design, you get the benefit of hiring an innovative, creative and intelligent professional handling your project. In addition to award winning services including web design, marketing and PR on Long Island NY, North Fork Marketing & Design also creates unique graphic design, provides expert and professional content, storytelling and social media – all in one place to ensure your small business is cared for by a committed, experienced specialist.



In the digital age there is more media and more competition. In order to cut through the clutter, entrepreneurs have to work even harder to inspire loyalty and stand out.



Design and function! A complete assessment of your business, providing you with options to grow and expand your online image.



The most effective and profitable way to turn prospects into customers. Custom email templates and list building strategies.



We get you, we are the little guys too. We help you build your business and achieve your goals and handle all this web stuff.



Delivered virtually, one-on-one social media and marketing sessions to get your vision out there; improve sales, productivity and communication with customers.



Cat got your tongue? Don't worry. We can write awesome copy for your website, blog and social media pages that make your readers giggle, get hungry or just want to hear more of what 'you' have to say.



Improve your business, drive sales, increase website traffic. You need help, we all do. All it takes is a quick convo and we can get started.



Promote your business through editorial coverage and reveal how exciting and relevant your business is.



Don't lag behind when it comes to the development and implementation of your marketing challenges, get your business ahead of the curve.

North Fork Marketing & Design

people + brands + business + storytelling

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Dan's Hamptons Best of the Best

North Fork Marketing & Design is a New York creative agency located on the North Fork of Long Island's East End.

Clients include local small businesses in hospitality, retail and service industries with an assortment of clients from around the country from Costa Rica to New York City.

Since 2008, we specialize in creating innovative, and technology driven websites, quality print and online marketing strategies, innovative brand identities, graphic promotions and email marketing; all with a strategic focus on social media marketing and storytelling.

If you aren't talking about your business online, who is?

We believe that social media and web design are the keys to improving your business by using creative and impactful images and storytelling, we drive actual growth for your business.

Our goal is to add more creativity and eyes on your business, more than you can do by yourself. Because you can't do it all and who has time to manage everything?

If you are ready to keep in touch with your customers and drive more traffic to your business ...Let's chat!



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